The Isle Of Wight has a wide range of caravans that are perfect for those that like the outdoors and want somewhere to stay while on their holidays. Here we offer some suggestions of what you might want to consider as part of your holiday accommodation on this popular island.

2 Bedroom park houses for rent – The Fairground, Sandown, Isle Of Wight Holiday Estate, free! Beautiful self-catering apartment with two bedrooms and en suite available in rural area close to transport links and local paths.

Accommodation in this type of holiday estate is usually set against private gardens so that the owner can have an area of tranquillity to enjoy. Amenities available include a central kitchenette, separate dining and breakfast room and laundry facilities.

The Littlewoods Golf Resort is situated next to the Littlewoods and Sandown cottages. The main advantage of staying at this Resort is that you will find a large selection of cottages from which to choose, with private gardens to take advantage of.

If you prefer to travel by caravan you can book a caravan park to stay in. This is ideal if you are taking part in motor racing activities. There are many motor sport tracks in the Isle of Wight, making it easy to book yourself into one of the many caravan parks that are available to stay in while on a holiday.

Beach holiday accommodation is also popular, both in the north and the south of the Isle of Wight. A range of cottages are available to stay in while on holiday in the coastal regions, with beach front accommodations such as holiday villas or caravan parks.

Cottages in this region are often located near popular beaches such as Exmoor and Poole, although they can also be situated inland in more rural areas close to caravan parks. Beach front accommodations provide an excellent opportunity to see the countryside whilst enjoying the sights and sounds of the coast.

Cottages in the Isle of Wight are also suitable if you want to get away from it all and escape the hustle and bustle of the big city. From here you can enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, fishing, mountain climbing and river rafting as well as you enjoy the peaceful surroundings of your self catering accommodation.